Today is the day.

Today after my years as a cellist, musical theatre actress, singer/songwriter will finally be put to the test as I go back to my roots and start performing the music that I have listened to my whole life, rock. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I love all of those other styles, and I will continue to perform them. I just really enjoy good rock music, and I want to be part of that genre more than any other. I want to not only write my acoustic girl-and-a-guitar-or-maybe-a-cello tunes, but also work with my guitarist, Curtis, to take the music that has always inspired us and keep it fresh for our generation because rock n roll will never die.

The most exciting thing about tonight's show, however are the musicians that I get to perform with. Curtis Ulin is an amazing guitarist from Musicians Institute who I really enjoy working with because we have a lot of the same influences. Julian Albinski-Euler (Aestus) has been my friend since we were 4, and he's the best drummer that I know. He is a UCLA student which is super lame, but I can forgive him because he's so talented. On bass we have Taylor Hopkins who I met this year at USC when we were promoting a show together, and he regularly plays bass for Thornton Popular Music majors.

Also, I just launched a Facebook page, so if you wish to like it, I would really appreciate it!

Can't wait for this show tonight (7pm Whisky a GoGo). Oh. That's right. Set list. Here you go :)

You've Got Another Thing Comin' by Judas Priest
Pick Up the Pieces by Jane Davidson
Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Inspiration by Jane Davidson
Dancing Shoes by Curtis Ulin
Barracuda by Heart
So much is happening right now that I'm going slightly insane. Here's a brief recap:
- I'm playing at Levitt Pavilion this Saturday at 6 along with Leon. Please come check it out and talk to me after! My setlist has been modified since I last posted, so here's the updated list (it's still likely to change again).
1) Pumped Up Kicks
2) Transcendent (original)
3) If I Die Young
4) Pick Up the Pieces (original)
5) If I Loved You
6) Inspiration (original)
7) TBD Likely to be a rock song, though!

- I'm hosting open mics at Levitt every Sunday at 5. Our first one was last night, and it was awesome. Come check it out, and I'll probably be performing most Sundays as well!
- Last night I got to meet Delta Rae who inspire me so much. Their Americana music is amazing, and I'll be covering their songs at both my Levitt and Whisky show, so check them out! They just released their album today.
- My set at the Whisky is going to continue my trend of going more towards my roots (classic rock) and building up my band with guitarist Curtis Ulin (@ripasolo).
- I'm working really hard on a cool project that's a mash up of two of my covers. I know everyone's gonna love it, and hopefully it'll be ready by July 16!
- If you're located in the greater Pasadena area, be sure to join the Pasadena Area Musicians and Music Lovers group I created on Facebook, so I can help you promote your music!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my life moves at a very fast pace, and I am just trying to keep up with it! I am working on getting fit by running every day, eating healthy, and staying committed to improving my lifestyle. I am working hard preparing for the start of the Levitt season, and managing the office I work in while both bosses are out sick.

If you want to follow my fitness efforts, please follow me on tumblr: (seriously follow me because I have no followers, and I'm lonely!). In other news, I have a gig coming up! Yay! I'm playing at the Levitt Pavilion Luckman Fine Arts Sidestage (which I'm also managing all summer long) on Saturday, June 23 along with my good friend and fellow intern/Trojan, Adam Syed. Our set starts at 6, and he'll probably go first. Please come! Here's my tentative setlist:

1) Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
2) Transcendent by Jane Davidson
3) Someone Like You by Adele
4) Drive By by Train
5) Pick Up the Pieces by Jane Davidson
6) If I Die Young by The Band Perry
7) Inspiration by Jane Davidson
8) We Are Young by Fun

What do you think? Any comments or suggestions? I may also play a song or two with Adam, but we'll be discussing that this weekend :)

In other news, my HNPP is really acting up, and my left pinky is 100% numb right now :/ Which means my cello/guitar/piano is severely compromised, so hopefully it will feel better before my next day in the studio and my gig!

Anyways, I have to start cleaning my room! I still haven't unpacked fully from school if you can believe it... Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates, and please come to my show! :
I am incredibly impatient. I don't necessarily want life to move faster because I don't really want to grow up, but I want everything to happen. Yesterday was my first day recording my demo, and I have unedited, unfinished versions of the tracks to do instrumentation for, and I just want them to magically have everything completed!

I guess I just tend to get really excited about things. Like right now I have all these projects, and I just want to have them all be in existence. I also am super excited for my songwriting class, so I want it to be fall, but I also never want this summer to end. So conflicted...

Anyways, here is what is actually happening now.

On Twitter, I'm going to be posting #songoftheday every day, and I'll make a Spotify playlist to go with it. I'm doing this because when I was making my Fun Facts page, I wanted to put "favorite song", but it changes so much, I figure Twitter is a better place to share my thoughts.  

I'm also going to be working on designing my industry blog and preparing for the first few interviews. I hope to launch that on June 1, but I might have to move that date to June 15, but I will definitely post an update on that.

I just got my grades for the Spring semester, and they were not as good as semester one. This is fair, though, because last semester I was taking an acting class and a really easy GE and got As in both. My GPA went from 3.56 to 3.48, so I'm still pleased with myself, and I managed to get a B in Philosophy after acing the final! Rarely am I proud about a B (see my post about perfection...), but I aced the final, so yay.

Finally, Levitt season starts at the end of June, and I start working in the office tomorrow! If you haven't heard of Levitt, it's the venue that I work at, and is amazing. Just go to or if you're not in the Pasadena area, there might be a Levitt Pavilion in your town, just search!
I have a confession to make. You know the age-old saying "Practice makes perfect"? Well, my entire life I have taken that to heart with gusto and have become a practice-a-holic. When I was a competitive swimmer, I was obsessed with beating my times setting goals and never being satisfied until I reached them. Then I became a cellist, and the bar for perfection that I set for myself I pushed higher and higher as the days went on. I know to be successful I have to work beyond hard and not settle until I achieve what I am striving for or else I can become lazy.

Now I have another confession to make. I always multi-tasked. Besides the loftiness of the goals I set for myself, I tend set a lot of them. I have noticed that people that I meet that have been successful in the music (or entertainment) industry have worn many hats, and I am attempting to do the same. However, this becomes difficult as opportunities arise simultaneously, and I must focus on multiple things at once.

Right now, I am pursuing many different avenues. I hope to succeed in all of them. I am working on gaining experience in the live music world at Levitt Pavilion by going above and beyond the call of duty as an intern, working two jobs on campus at USC in departments that are nurturing to my growth both of which provide me with skills vital to my career, starting a blog with interviews not only with performers but also people working behind the scenes in the music industry, and of course launching my singer/songwriter career.

To reach my performance goals, I am practicing about three hours per day singing and playing guitar, piano, cello, and violin in addition to working on developing marketing plans, finding gigs, and, most importantly, recording. Because this is on top of my other jobs, this might seem a little insane.

I live for this. This is how I thrive.

The music industry is so fast-paced that I think it's perfect environment for me to succeed. I won't rest until I reach the level that I want to be at, and I hope that does not make me seem crazy. I'm actually very down to earth, and I often drop everything to help out a friend in need even if it means doubling my practice hours the next day.

While I don't think my level of dedication is necessary to everyone's success, I do believe that you need to leave everything out on the court, so to speak. If you give everything you've got and in the end you don't succeed, well you gave it your best shot. If I don't keep striving for perfection, however, and then fall short, I will never forgive myself.

So next time you tell me I'm crazy for doing all this, at least you'll know what you're talking about! ;)
I'm finished with my first year of college, and I'm going insane thinking about all of my goals for the summer. My fingers are raw from practicing guitar and piano for a few hours just now, and I'll be repeating the process tomorrow. I now have about 30 songs (not including the ones that I have deemed sub-par right off the bat), so that means about 25 that won't sound too similar to one another, and probably about 20 that I'll actually end up ever recording or performing live.

Before I go into that, though, I'd like to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. If it weren't for her I would not even be in existence. I had a nice relaxing afternoon at the beach to celebrate with her before I retreated into my world of music for the evening.

If you aren't familiar with my work (and I doubt you are unless you are a close friend or collaborator of mine), I write in several different styles. To start off my recording process, I am picking out my acoustic songs, and flushing them out with whatever instrumentation I'm hoping to include with them. As I do this, I'm deciding which ones would be good candidates for my demo by making sure I don't record too many of the same mood, theme, or key.

For my music that lends itself to either a band or dance instrumentation, I'm setting it aside to continue practicing but to record once I find the right collaborators whether that's a band or something else entirely. Some of my favorite songs that I have written fall into this category, so I'm a little sad they won't be the first recorded. However, the studio that I will be recording at specializes in acoustic music, so I want to take full advantage of their expertise.

I'm very excited about all the projects and opportunities I have going on right now, and I hope you're all excited to see the results of my efforts.  I'll post again this week, so stay tuned! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter!
Finals week. That lovely time between the end of classes and the freedom of summer where your studies taunt you by saying, "Sure! You can relax, but only after you survive trial by fire!" I have three more finals until I'm officially done with my freshman year of college.

What does that mean? Finishing classes means I can focus on developing myself as an artist. I will be recording my acoustic demo soon, and working with my friends to record my less stripped down songs. I am incredibly excited. It also means that time is going fast. Though this week is dragging painfully long, I am now 1/4 of the way through college, and many of my friends are graduating.

For those of you who never went to college or have yet to go, college is the beautiful time in your life when you live surrounded by thousands of other people your age, can learn about whatever you want, and have the freedom to do whatever you want (though sometimes that freedom does not result in good).

Seeing my older friends graduate makes me want to slow down time and live every minute in this college life to the fullest. This includes pursuing my music while I'm here so I can take advantage of the resources that surround me as a student in one of the best music schools in the country.

So, I think that the reason why I don't like finals week is that I have to focus on one thing -- studying. I'm someone who has a bunch of endeavors going on at once, but in finals week I have to put them all on hold while studying. With that in mind, I shall descend back into the depths of my Recording Arts Workshop to remind myself further how little I understand recording. I'll post again once I emerge!