I have a confession to make. You know the age-old saying "Practice makes perfect"? Well, my entire life I have taken that to heart with gusto and have become a practice-a-holic. When I was a competitive swimmer, I was obsessed with beating my times setting goals and never being satisfied until I reached them. Then I became a cellist, and the bar for perfection that I set for myself I pushed higher and higher as the days went on. I know to be successful I have to work beyond hard and not settle until I achieve what I am striving for or else I can become lazy.

Now I have another confession to make. I always multi-tasked. Besides the loftiness of the goals I set for myself, I tend set a lot of them. I have noticed that people that I meet that have been successful in the music (or entertainment) industry have worn many hats, and I am attempting to do the same. However, this becomes difficult as opportunities arise simultaneously, and I must focus on multiple things at once.

Right now, I am pursuing many different avenues. I hope to succeed in all of them. I am working on gaining experience in the live music world at Levitt Pavilion by going above and beyond the call of duty as an intern, working two jobs on campus at USC in departments that are nurturing to my growth both of which provide me with skills vital to my career, starting a blog with interviews not only with performers but also people working behind the scenes in the music industry, and of course launching my singer/songwriter career.

To reach my performance goals, I am practicing about three hours per day singing and playing guitar, piano, cello, and violin in addition to working on developing marketing plans, finding gigs, and, most importantly, recording. Because this is on top of my other jobs, this might seem a little insane.

I live for this. This is how I thrive.

The music industry is so fast-paced that I think it's perfect environment for me to succeed. I won't rest until I reach the level that I want to be at, and I hope that does not make me seem crazy. I'm actually very down to earth, and I often drop everything to help out a friend in need even if it means doubling my practice hours the next day.

While I don't think my level of dedication is necessary to everyone's success, I do believe that you need to leave everything out on the court, so to speak. If you give everything you've got and in the end you don't succeed, well you gave it your best shot. If I don't keep striving for perfection, however, and then fall short, I will never forgive myself.

So next time you tell me I'm crazy for doing all this, at least you'll know what you're talking about! ;)


07/10/2012 9:51am

Took the day off and was just reading up some blogs and thought I would post here


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