I am incredibly impatient. I don't necessarily want life to move faster because I don't really want to grow up, but I want everything to happen. Yesterday was my first day recording my demo, and I have unedited, unfinished versions of the tracks to do instrumentation for, and I just want them to magically have everything completed!

I guess I just tend to get really excited about things. Like right now I have all these projects, and I just want to have them all be in existence. I also am super excited for my songwriting class, so I want it to be fall, but I also never want this summer to end. So conflicted...

Anyways, here is what is actually happening now.

On Twitter, I'm going to be posting #songoftheday every day, and I'll make a Spotify playlist to go with it. I'm doing this because when I was making my Fun Facts page, I wanted to put "favorite song", but it changes so much, I figure Twitter is a better place to share my thoughts.  

I'm also going to be working on designing my industry blog and preparing for the first few interviews. I hope to launch that on June 1, but I might have to move that date to June 15, but I will definitely post an update on that.

I just got my grades for the Spring semester, and they were not as good as semester one. This is fair, though, because last semester I was taking an acting class and a really easy GE and got As in both. My GPA went from 3.56 to 3.48, so I'm still pleased with myself, and I managed to get a B in Philosophy after acing the final! Rarely am I proud about a B (see my post about perfection...), but I aced the final, so yay.

Finally, Levitt season starts at the end of June, and I start working in the office tomorrow! If you haven't heard of Levitt, it's the venue that I work at, and is amazing. Just go to levittpavilionpasadena.org or if you're not in the Pasadena area, there might be a Levitt Pavilion in your town, just search!


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