Sorry I haven't posted in a while, my life moves at a very fast pace, and I am just trying to keep up with it! I am working on getting fit by running every day, eating healthy, and staying committed to improving my lifestyle. I am working hard preparing for the start of the Levitt season, and managing the office I work in while both bosses are out sick.

If you want to follow my fitness efforts, please follow me on tumblr: (seriously follow me because I have no followers, and I'm lonely!). In other news, I have a gig coming up! Yay! I'm playing at the Levitt Pavilion Luckman Fine Arts Sidestage (which I'm also managing all summer long) on Saturday, June 23 along with my good friend and fellow intern/Trojan, Adam Syed. Our set starts at 6, and he'll probably go first. Please come! Here's my tentative setlist:

1) Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
2) Transcendent by Jane Davidson
3) Someone Like You by Adele
4) Drive By by Train
5) Pick Up the Pieces by Jane Davidson
6) If I Die Young by The Band Perry
7) Inspiration by Jane Davidson
8) We Are Young by Fun

What do you think? Any comments or suggestions? I may also play a song or two with Adam, but we'll be discussing that this weekend :)

In other news, my HNPP is really acting up, and my left pinky is 100% numb right now :/ Which means my cello/guitar/piano is severely compromised, so hopefully it will feel better before my next day in the studio and my gig!

Anyways, I have to start cleaning my room! I still haven't unpacked fully from school if you can believe it... Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates, and please come to my show! :


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